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The cloud of links turns out non-clickable
3 3 hours ago by s3goon
Can't get image to open in Cricut Design Space
10 1 week ago by Alex
Won't let me change color
2 2 weeks ago by Alex
Word Amount Auto
26 2 weeks ago by davfin
nothing happens
2 2 weeks ago by Alex
It wont up load my shape
4 2 weeks ago by Alex
My project does not load on Windows 10/ Browser Microsoft ...
3 3 weeks ago by PapaErik
Not letting me add my own fonts
3 3 weeks ago by vicky_barratt
All fonts have disappeared
2 3 weeks ago by Alex
Tagul not creating Word Art and Locking Up
8 1 month ago by Alex
Can't create a word cloud
9 2 months ago by mlr1169
Image is Cut Off
2 2 months ago by Alex
EPS no longer supporting transparency
9 2 months ago by Alex
Shape transparency niggle
2 2 months ago by Alex
Problem with Font
4 3 months ago by Alex
Manually Disabling Word Repetition
2 3 months ago by Alex
"Use size column from words table" is not working
4 3 months ago by Alex
Disable words repetition
2 4 months ago by Alex
Seem stuck on Loading
5 4 months ago by angelastanley
Using Chrome and LibGuides
3 4 months ago by Barbara.Philip