What is Tagul about?^

Tagul is a web service that enables you to create gorgeous word clouds (aka tag clouds) that you can place on your webpage or share with friends. Tagul clouds look gorgeous because of fancy features like words inside words, beautiful fonts, various cloud shapes, customizable colors, etc.

How to print a cloud?^

You can print a cloud by clicking “Print” button just underneath cloud image. If you are not satisfied with the result you can try more robust method. Go to “Grab and Share” section and click on PNG icon with desired quality. Save it and then print it as any other image using your image viewing/printing software.

I need to print my tagul print to fit into a 4×6 frame. How do I do that?^

You need to create Tagul cloud with 4/6 = 0.67 aspect ratio.
To achieve that do the following:
1) Select square shape (4th tile in the 1st row in Shapes section)
2) Click on the gear at the bottom right corner
3) Set aspect ratio to 0.67 and click OK
4) Visualize
5) Export your cloud in PNG format and print it

I tried to print a cloud but it doesn’t fit into a page, how do I fix it?^

Please try to export your cloud in PNG format (in Grab and Share section) and then print it as any other image or picture. Your printing software should allow you to size and position an image to fit paper size.

How to disable repetition of all words at once (without clicking on each repeat box)?^

Check “Keep as is” box for “Words amount” in Layout section.

I’ve just saved a cloud to my computer. Where can I find it?^

Your browser may have saved the cloud to Downloads folder without notifying you. Please have a look there. This behavior can be changed in your browser settings.

How to use a custom shape?^

If you wish to use a shape that is not in the default list then you have to find a suitable image first. Once you found the image save it to your computer (or copy its URL if it is found in the internet) and then click on the first tile in Shapes section. In the popup window choose your image (or paste its URL) and click “Load”. Once the image is loaded adjust it if necessary and click OK. That’s it. Your custom image is ready to be used. Just Visualize your cloud to see the results.

I want my cloud to be in a shape of numbers or a word. How can I do it?^

In any image editing software like MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop write numbers (or a word) in black on white background. Then save that image as PNG or JPEG file and use it as your custom shape.

How to use icons (special characters) in word clouds?^

Please read this blog post.

The size of words doesn’t seem accurate, how to fix it?^

Your cloud by default uses “Maximize” option for “Words size” parameter in “Layout” section. It means that words will be maximized to the available space when placed. Change it to “use size column from words table” to tell Tagul to use “Size” value from “Words” section when placing words.

How to make all words the same size?^

Unfortunately (due to algorithm behind Tagul nature) it is not possible to make all words *exactly* the same size. Tagul algorithm tries to fill selected shape at the first place sacrificing the accuracy of words sizes. The best you can do is to select “use size column from words table” in “Layout” section and make all the sizes equal to 1 in “Words” table. This will make Tagul try keeping all the words the same size as much as possible.

How can I make words links to point to my site?^

In “Words” section click on “URL options” button. Then change “Links pattern” to point to your site and click “Apply links pattern” button. Then visualize and save your cloud.

How to make PNG background transparent?^

There is a slider below color picker for background color (in Colors and Animations section) that controls alpha channel of background color. Just move it to the most left position to make background transparent. Then you can save it as PNG without background.

Can I import my list of words?^

Prepare words data in CSV format with semicolon as the separator using “word;weight;color;angle;font;url” format (see example below). Then click “Import from text” button in Words section and paste words data in the text field to load them into your cloud.

CSV example (all collumns except the first one are optional, you can leave them empty):
Cloud;36;ffff00;0;Teen bold;1;http://www.google.com/search?q=Cloud
Demo;32;00ff00;0;Bangers Regular;0;http://www.google.com/search?q=Demo

Can I use Excel for editing my words list?^

Yes you can. Create an excel spreadsheet with your words data (see the screenshot below).
Excel screenshot
Then copy it (without header) and import using “Import text” button in Words section.

How can I ask a question?^

Just post it in the forums or email your question to .