Transparent background color support

Hi everyone!

Now you can make your cloud’s background color transparent. Just go to “Colors and Animations” and move the slider to zero (or whatever transparency level you want):
background transparency slider

If you already embed your cloud you should update the embedding code. As always you can find the correct embedding code in “Grab and Share!” -> “Place on a web page” section.

Thanks for using Tagul,

  1. gensd says:

    I’m still having a display error with transparent backgrounds. I’ve dumped the cache and reloaded and the background is still displaying as white.

  2. More than two years later and the transparency still isn’t working correctly – I still get a white background too. Has anyone found a work-around? I’m placing a link to my wordcloud in a wordpress page, as instructed in this forum, but the transparent background always displays as white.

  3. mosaicwall says:

    I can’t find this slider, how do you do transparency background now?

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