New form for cloud creation

Hi everyone!

Since Tagul launch I start receiving complaints from users that it is quite complex to create a cloud with Tagul. So I’ve redesigned the cloud creation form from scratch in order to make it easier to use and more user friendly. Recently I’ve replaced the old form with the new one on Tagul site.

New form also contains new features that were commonly asked:

  • Save your cloud as png or svg image
  • Print your cloud

I hope you enjoy it!

  1. emily1006 says:

    i can’t find a way to chang the text and i cant use this site its just not fun.

  2. djcminor says:

    I had not used Tagul before today, but found it easy to use and created my first cloud easily. Thank you!

  3. Gardena says:

    I find this site very easy to use and I have created some lovely clouds. Thank you!

    However, I wondered if there a way that I can create a new cloud with my own settings rather than having to reselect them for each new cloud. I am thinking of the default clours in particular.

  4. li5amarrone says:

    I started using Tagul today. I’m impressed by its versatility compared to other cloud creation software.

  5. martik says:

    I used TAGUL today with my ESL students for the very first time and created a beautiful word cloud about pilgrims. We customized our cloud with an uploaded black and white picture and the results could have not been better. 100% engaged students with a very easy to use 2.0 web tool which added points to my Teacher evaluation and the use of technology in the classroom.

    • Hi. Would you explain to me how you get the customized clouds to work? I’m assuming you copied an image of something that resembled a pilgrim and created that image using the words; how did you do that?

  6. gensd says:

    love this creation tool! thanks!

  7. keburwash says:

    How can I select one word to be the focal point?

  8. says:

    I thought I had saved my clouds but my list only has one on it?

  9. Kelz says:

    Just used Tagul for the first time–it’s a little tricky at first, but once I got going I found it to be a lot of fun. thanks so much–I will find a great many uses for this in the classroom. My Civil War cloud turned out great! I am also happy to see that I can save the image and also print it. This makes it fun to share with those students and parents who don’t have computer access or aren’t very tech-savvy.

  10. vinayj11 says:

    I’m on cloud nine —- created my first tag cloud and placed it on our dev site. Looks great!!!!

  11. gobelune says:

    I would like to make a tree. How can I do ?

  12. Janet Palte says:

    Can you useshapes from the gallery.
    Also wondered how to add custom shapess

  13. CookieTreasuer16 says:

    I don’t understand this site @ all and its so confusing !

  14. I can’t seem to create a cloud on my iPad?

  15. momzjunk says:

    Thanks for the fun site. I love to digital scrapbook and this is awesome!

  16. CTKIRK says:

    Awsome – bloomin awsome. Thanks so much. I had been searching and there are loads of free ones – but this one is the only one with lots of customisation and that creates visually stunning clouds – thanks again :)

  17. helenpeake says:

    I’ve just made my first cloud with Tagul and enjoyed every minute of it. I keep thinking I should stop and go to have something to eat, and then I get sucked into experimenting with other features and another half hour has flown past. I love it! Thanks so much Alex.

  18. room805 says:

    Awesome! Easy to use with great results! I like that I can save it to my computer for later use. Thank you!

  19. cgkkk says:

    You most certainly need a “start your cloud here” tab. Nothing refers to how to begin

  20. frogologue says:

    Absolutely brilliant! Thanks for the work. Took me (58 yo, reasonably good computers skills, html, css, joomla) about 30-odd minutes to figure out the details and produce a great cloud for my forthcoming website (, getting both title and “strapline” (actually a translation of the title) as largest and 2nd largest typefaces. Well done!

  21. armstrongs says:

    It was easy! and will be great to use for projects for my children.

  22. SerryJW says:

    How do I make a cloud to use as background?

    Thanks, Serry

  23. C Findlay says:

    Love it, love it, love it! Can’t wait to share with my students! Easy to use, easy to embed and it’s FREE!!

  24. mpa69 says:

    How can I create a cloud in Ruaaian language?

  25. mpa69 says:

    How can I create a cloud in Russian language?

    • Alex says:

      Make your words/tags in English. Then go to fonts tab and enter Russian text into the filter textbox. Then select some fonts from the filtered list that have Russian support. Visualize your cloud and you should see Russian words in it.

  26. azhion1799 says:

    Love this site~! I can use it way better than Wordle Thanks guyz !!!<3
    Yeah!! Can't wait to make more :D

  27. LMarquis says:

    I am so excited about this! I tried an example and found it to be easy until I tried to save and reopen my cloud in word to print. Can anyone explain how I should save this? I tried to reopen it but when I did, it was not in English and looked like a code in word! I wanted to use this for my students for an end of the year gift. If anyone could help/explain I would appreciate it!

  28. jafeldh says:

    I would like to have a way of doing a save as,. this way if I like the way one of my clouds look, I can go into it with new text and “save as” without losing my first one. Can I do that and I am just missing it???

  29. zoeroberts says:

    Is there a way of choosing the central word to be used?

  30. imjbtoth says:

    How do you start, there’s no box to list your words. Frustrating, I’ve clicked on every box available. Going back to Wordle, big waste of my time.

  31. claireward7 says:

    how do i get the form to start

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