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A tree in gallery I should have created the gallery long before today. But it’s better now than never. So enjoy the gallery as a showcase what can be done with Tagul. It’s somewhat empty right now but I am going to fill it constantly.
  1. donna.marshalko says:

    I love this program!

  2. sorellanab says:

    How do I get into this gallery?

  3. Layla Arnold says:

    Hi. I really want to make a Tagul like the 2011 New Year one in the Gallery. Instead, I want it to be 2016 – I’m making one for the freshman students I am teaching. Can you please help me do this? I’m having trouble figuring out how I can get 2016 as my shape!


  4. meredithwhitmer says:

    this is a great website i love it

  5. jose valdez 24 says:

    clould could the clould is huge

  6. mariavetsera says:

    I am new in this, so my question may be silly. How can I use the Christmas tree? It doesn’t appear on the menu when you make the clouds. Thanks.

  7. tswisher says:


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