Tagul API is available only to Premium users.
Every Premium user is granted 100 free generations per month.

If you wish to integrate Tagul clouds into your web site and need an automated solution you are welcome to use Tagul API.

What is Tagul API in a nutshell?^

In a nutshell Tagul API is an XML-RPC service.

There are 2 methods called “getJS” and “getSVG” that takes cloud XML file as input and return javascript code or SVG cloud file correspondingly.

All cloud customizations (shapes, fonts, colors, angles, etc.) are made in input XML file.

Javascript code can be included (using script tag) in your web page at any place you want your cloud to appear.

SVG can be used if you don’t want to place cloud on a web page but would like to get cloud in Vector format which then can be printed or converted to any other format.

The resulted files are hosted on your web site so you don’t depend on Tagul while serving clouds to your site’s visitors.

How does API work step by step?^

  1. Create a cloud using online Tagul generator form. Then get API XML by clicking on the corresponding button at the bottom of Grab and Share section
  2. Setup your software to generate customized cloud XML based on the saved one.
  3. Use your favorite XML-RPC client to send a request to Tagul API service.
    Here are script examples in PHP and Python 3.
  4. Connection information can be found inside the examples above

  5. Include javascript code into your web page using script tag or get SVG file for further processing.

That’s all!

How much time does it take to generate a cloud via API?^

It takes about 5 seconds.

How much does it cost?^

If you exceed 100 prepaid generations in a calendar month then every additional cloud generation will cost $0.1 USD.